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“I’ve found energy and motivation in life generally, I’ve lost significant weight, feel stronger and more energized, and I have a healthier understanding of what food and exercise works for me – without any unrealistic fad ‘dieting’. The team at BodyInsight are a ‘normal’ and friendly bunch, with no judgment on your situation or progress. If you’re willing, they will gently push you out of your comfort zone every now and then, making the challenge enjoyable while providing you with positive lessons for your future.” – Stephen W.

“The food options and recipes were delicious, advice on exercise was crucial and the knowledge on the balance between body, mind, and food was a total revelation. I lost 15kgs in 4 months and, more than that have a clarity of mind and an ability to manage my stress levels. My sleep has improved too! I wish everyone could experience the change I have. Life is so much better and I cannot thank Luke, Stu, Clint and the team enough! They have been the start of a whole new, healthier way of living and thinking! Thanks guys!” – Angela W.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the results that can be achieved from making simple changes to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, which has made a profound and sustainable improvement to my health & wellbeing.” – Dave P.

“This programme was so motivational. Knowing that lots of others around you are training was supportive and helpful.” – Caroline P.

“Thanks Luke, Stuart, & Clint! Three really is the magic number… Your support, care, and – of course – the body scans made the Challenge loads of fun! I’ve always been curious about meditation & breathing exercises, and found they really helped me navigate the bumpy road of changes I was making to my diet and exercise regime. Really grateful for the experience.” 
– Anja M.

“I had slipped back into old ways and bad habits of eating unhealthily, stressing too much, and not getting enough sleep. This challenge made me aware of my health again. Really enjoyed it.” – Annette C.

“An excellent programme. Realistic with caring and knowledgeable experts in all aspects of health & wellness. Highly recommended!” 
– Peter C.

“The best take away for me was the learning of which food I can and can’t live without. I made a permanent lifestyle change for the better.” – Monique E.

“So happy I bit the bullet and did this challenge. I lost weight, I feel better, and it really feels like I can continue on with the lifestyle and improving and health and wellbeing.” – Jarek B.

“I always had your voice in my head ‘the only person you are cheating is yourself’. The mindfulness challenges where great for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” Lauola S.

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