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Accountability for your Health Goals

Meaningful data and insights that help you
set and track realistic health and wellness goals.

Auckland’s Premier Body Analysis Service
Body Insight supports performance athletes, weekend warriors, fit mums, and anyone looking for accurate and reliable data to track their health and wellness initiatives.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Track your progress by measuring important internal metrics such as Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat, Total Body Water and Bio Age.

Gym Owners

Measure and manage your members’ results better by providing the ultimate engagement tool. Utilise data for powerful conversations with your client-base, ensuring they reach their goals.

Corporate Wellness

Workplaces with wellness programmes experience reduced absenteeism, as well as healthier and happier employees, resulting in increased productivity and performance.

Frustrated by a lack of progress with your fitness goals? Are you measuring and tracking the right data?

Body Insight uses the latest body scan technology – the Evolt360 – to provide meaningful and actionable data about your body’s health and body composition. Regardless of your health and wellness goals, measuring and understanding your starting point helps you identify areas for improvement, set realistic goals, and tailor your nutrition and exercise regimen to achieve your desired result. Periodic re-testing helps you see how your body is responding to your efforts and allows you to validate or fine-tune your diet and exercise strategies.

Body Insight is the ideal goal tracking solution for
individuals and organisations interested in:

Whole Body Health

We provide meaningful data
for tracking of body fat

Training & Fitness

The more effective way to
set and manage goals

Losing Weight

Meaningful data to help keep
your diet and nutrition on point

Longevity & Wellbeing

Bio Age is a measurement of a
person’s ‘real’ or ‘biological’ age

Performance Athletes

Improve your personal best
with a fitter, leaner body

Ease of Use & Accessibility

An easy way to save, track,
measure, and compare data


What people say about the Body Insight:

“The best take away for me was the learning of which food I can and can’t live without. I made permanent lifestyle changes for the better.”

Monique E.

Auckland, New Zealand

“This programme was so motivational. Knowing that others around you are living a more healthy lifestyle was supportive and helpful.”

Caroline P.

Auckland, New Zealand

“I always had your voice in my head ‘the only person you are cheating is yourself’. The mindfulness challenges were great for pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

Lauola S.

Auckland, New Zealand


Contact us about the next scanning location near you. Goal-setting done right.



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