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“Our mission is to empower individuals, teams, and corporates to drive accountability of their health and wellness goals with first-class, proven and affordable body composition analysis and wellness services”. 

The truth is that most of us would like to lose some body fat. That’s a given. So we jump into a challenge or exercise programme to start losing some weight. But how do we know if we are moving in the same direction as our goals? We may lose some weight, but how do we know how our body is actually responding to our efforts? Are we shedding unhealthy fat or are we losing healthy lean tissue and muscle mass? Are our lifestyle and dietary choices actually creating a positive impact on the visceral fat in our body, the fat we can’t see with our eyes but covers our internal organs?

Now, with Body Insight, you can take the guesswork out of your health and wellness progress. Our body scans bring more accuracy and precision to your health and wellness accountability. We offer the most convenient, non-invasive tool to measure, track and confirm what you want to lose the most: body fat.

Body Insight uses the revolutionary Evolt 360, the most advanced system for measuring and tracking progress. The Evolt 360 is the latest in body composition analysis used by health and fitness professionals, athletes, and gym-goers around the world.

We want you to be confident that your health and wellness strategies don’t only get you feeling fit and energised, but that your body is adapting and transforming in a healthy way. 

Meet the Team
Stuart Morgans

All too many of us can relate to this story. Stuart battled with his weight for years, the all too familiar story of gradually gaining weight until the sudden realisation of needing to do something about it when you take a closer look in the mirror or at a photo. At his peak, Stuart was living a healthy and vibrant life in Dubai, where he balanced being a personal trainer with fun outdoor activities like rock climbing and wakeboarding. After meeting his now wife, he relocated to her homeland, New Zealand, to settle down and start a family. Once entering back into the engineering sector and having two children, he watched as his waistline began expanding as he sat for up to 10 hours a day working in an office.

Eventually, Stuart knew it was time to change so that he could look and feel healthy again. With the help of exercise, diet and lifestyle changes, Stuart has reclaimed his mind and body. being the analytically-driven engineer that he is, he wanted to track and measure his progress so he could see the results of his efforts. Having used BIA in its infancy as a fitness tracking technology, his research eventually led him to the Evolt 360, which became his go-to tool for Bio-impedance Analysis. Now, Stuart has added to his knowledge with a formal qualification in Health Coaching and is ready and capable of assisting you to reach your goals. 

Dr. Luke Sniewski

Luke’s passion is anything and everything related to health and wellness. He enjoys moving, meditating, cooking, and playing with his son, Jack. After years of working with clients utilising physical modalities such as personal training, deep-tissue massage, and nutrition coaching, he now empowers people to empower themselves to live more meaningful lives via lifestyle and mindfulness strategies. Something that a consistent meditation practice – and guidance from his many teachers – has taught him is that authentic change begins with silence, stillness, and the courage to look inward. After all, the foundation of health and wellness starts with mental health.

Luke’s life’s journey has brought him back to the world of academia. After completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Auckland, he completed his PhD in Psychology at the Auckland University of Technology. His research is focused on examining the experiences and effectiveness of mindfulness meditation as an intervention for men with self-perceived problematic pornography use. Read more about Luke at his website HERE.


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